Empress provides representation for Production Companies and Freelance Directors for digital advertising and branded content projects. Erika Levy has 15 years of experience in advertising and as is most well-known in the commercial production community as the VP of Sales and Marketing for Wiredrive. She is also a Mother of two, yogini, hiker and home cook. The name “Empress Represents” was inspired by the Tarot Card, which personifies fertility and creativity. On a metaphorical level, she can represent the birth of a company, an idea or new perspective as well. Empress represents clients who push the boundaries of media, uphold a high level of integrity and create compelling content.


Fly Me To The Moon!

Today Mashable reported that Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos' spaceflight company has landed its rocket back on Earth for the first time after flying to space. The article states that "Eventually, Blue Origin plans to offer suborbital flights to space aboard New Shepard, but the company's ambitions don't stop there. Blue Origin also plans to build and launch an orbital rocket that would fly people and cargo to space from Florida. All of these projects focus around Bezos' vision for the future." Anchorfield is honored and proud to have filmed this historic moment for human space flight. Stephan Malik directed, edited and delivered this video within a 24 hour time span. Less than 24 hours later, the video…
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Anchorfield On The Horizon

Although I’ve paid my dues in two countries and three different states, the best opportunities have always come to me by way of synchronicity. That’s not to say I haven’t earned it. It just means that chance, karma, fate – whatever you want to call it – has played a significant role in putting what I need in front of me at the right place and right time. My new client, Anchorfield, is no exception. I was struck right away by Stephan Malik’s work and understood his point of view as an artist. It was clear that he was a gifted director, cinematographer and editor. I was intrigued to learn…
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Aiming True

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde Kathryn Budig, who is at once beautiful, hilarious and fierce led a workshop at the Yoga Journal Conference, Estes Park entitled “Aim True”, which centered around learning how to conquer your fears and beliefs that hold you back from standing in your strength and living up to your potential. We discussed how if you want to be successful, be yourself. Don't emulate other people. Be a trailblazer. Let your light shine. Don't let the bullies or haters stop you from serving your life's purpose. It was exactly what I needed to hear to give me the courage to relaunch my business with a new…
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